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November 9, 2012
APTA Congratulates President Obama and Congressional Winners
APTA President & CEO Michael Melaniphy and Chair Flora Castillo congratulated President Obama, Vice President Biden, and newly elected members of the House and Senate this week. 
“APTA members stand ready to work with the Administration and Congress as the focus becomes even stronger in revitalizing our economy and creating jobs,” said Melaniphy. 

Castillo stated, "We agree with the President who said in his acceptance speech that it is time for action and not politics as usual, and we believe this applies to our investment in public transportation infrastructure."
The balance of the House now stands at 233 Republicans and 193 Democrats and 9 undecided. The Senate breakdown is 53 Democrats and 45 Republicans, with two independents.
Voters Support More Public Transit at the Ballot Box
During the Nov. 6 general elections, voters across the United States approved 14 of 20 local public transit-related ballot initiatives by a passage rate of 70 percent. This includes a post-election day determination that a half-cent sales tax had been approved by voters in Columbia, SC.
With the addition of Tuesday’s results to earlier transit measures this year, 47 out of 59 pro-transit measures have passed in 2012 at a rate of nearly 80 percent.  These numbers reflect a long-term trend that began in 2000. 

Weather Continues to Batter Northeast
While New York MTA and New Jersey Transit have worked around the clock to return to service, Mother Nature has not cooperated. The devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought was followed by a fierce Nor’easter that caused delays to repairs on Wednesday of this week.

APTA Members Saluting America’s Veterans
The public transportation industry supports our nation's veterans. APTA has provided a toolkit on its website with everything you need to promote routes, jobs and partnerships that help returning veterans. Many APTA members are already participating in Veterans Day activities, and if you are interested in joining them access our toolkit.


APTA’s 2013 Business Member Board of Governors’ Annual Meeting will be held January 22-25, 2013. The meeting will focus on business in the public transit industry and support for APTA’s advocacy efforts. The meeting will be held at the Hyatt Coconut Point Hotel in Bonita Springs, FL. Register now!


NASA broke new ground when men landed on the moon, and now its Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, CA is reaching new heights with Israel to create a futuristic personal rapid transit system.
Anaheim, CA may have a mouse with a monorail but it is also moving ahead with a new generation of streetcars. The city has decided to continue with a streetcar system that would connect the resorts, stadiums and convention center. It’s a one-stop public transit option for residents and vacationers alike.
When the Giants won the World Series, most people celebrated in an appropriate way; some however chose to get out of hand. When a group of fans began to attack a Muni bus in San Francisco, Simon Timony attempted to defend the system. This week Muni honored his actions with a recognition award and a place in its VIP section for the Giants’ World Series Parade. Operator Alan Yam was also honored for his heroic actions.

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