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February 17, 2012
House & Senate Delay Consideration of Surface Transportation Authorization Until After President's Day

As announced on Feb. 15, leaders in the House decided to delay consideration of the transportation and tax titles of the surface transportation authorization bill until Congress returns from recess on Feb. 27. The delay also canceled the Rules Committee meeting that was expected to consider amendments on dedicated funding for public transportation and other issues.

APTA is encouraging its members to continue to urge their representatives to support a rule that allows consideration of the bipartisan amendment on the House floor and to support the amendment to restore dedicated public transit funding when it is offered.

In the Senate, action is being blocked by senators who want the opportunity to offer a number of amendments that are unrelated to transportation. The Senate also returns on Feb. 27.

APTA has created an array of tools and resources to help reach out to elected officials, including talking points, fact sheets, and template letters--all on the APTA website.

Public Transportation Creates Manufacturing Jobs
U.S. Deputy Transportation Secretary John Porcari visited Chicago this week to speak with midwest-based railroad manufacturers and suppliers about the opportunities presented by the growing next generation of American-made trains.
There is expected to be nearly $800 million in bids upcoming for next-generation train orders.
Investments in high-speed and intercity passenger rail creates rail jobs as well as manufacturing jobs. Manufacturing accounted for 14 percent of all jobs in the U.S. economy in the last 13 months. In the last month alone, the sector created 50,000 jobs and the expansion of intercity rail can contribute to those growth numbers.

LaHood Recommends $2.2 Billion in Public Transportation Spending
DOT Secretary Ray LaHood on Feb. 14 recommended $2.2 billion for 29 capital transit projects that would create jobs and opportunities across America. The 29 projects would span 15 states from Orlando, FL to Seattle, WA.
The projects, which are included in President Obama’s FY ‘13 budget, will put thousands of Americans to work building vital infrastructure that improves access to jobs, reduces America's dependence on oil, and spurs new economic development.   


The APTA Legislative Conference is just around the corner. Register by March 2 and get the latest updates from a slate of expert speakers with all the inside knowledge of what is happening daily in Congress.


Toronto Transit Commission Chairman Karen Stintz joins Undercover Boss Canada to get down to the nuts and bolts of how the largest public transportation system in Canada works. This allows her to learn the jobs on the front lines of customer service and find ways to make the system more efficient without the barrier of communicating from the position of the boss. 
SEPTA riders who pay attention to their surroundings might find more than a convenient ride. For the third straight year the transit system held its SEPTA Love Stories contest for those that took their nose out of a book, the paper, or their smart phone long enough to make a connection with a stranger!
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