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August 20, 2010

News Headlines

DOT Receives More Than $8 Billion in Applications for High-Speed Rail Funding

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on August 17 announced that the Federal Railroad Administration has received 77 grant applications totaling $8.5 billion for high-speed rail projects around the nation. Federal appropriations for FY 2010 are $2.3 billion. DOT will announce the winners on September 30.

Pro-Transit Ballot Initiative Wins in Washington State

A ballot initiative to increase a local sales tax by two-tenths of one cent in order to fund Intercity Transit, serving the greater Olympia, WA, area, passed on August 18. The measure is expected to provide an additional $500,000 annually.

Intercity Transit General Manager Michael Harbour credited the community for recognizing the value of public transit to the region. "We are very pleased with the great support shown by our community," he said. "The vote reflects the value this community places on public transportation."

He also cited the value of the transit system's partner organizations and its own employees. "We believe the many community partnerships Intercity Transit has and the extra efforts our employees regularly make to provide good customer service are key reasons for such strong public support."

DHS Conducts Anti-Terrorism Airflow Study in Boston

Scientists are releasing gases and fluorescent particles into the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's subway tunnels today to study how toxic chemicals and lethal biological agents could spread through a terrorist attack.

It is part of a weeklong DHS study to figure out ways to quickly minimize the impact of an airborne assault on the nation's subway systems.

Similar tests were conducted in 2008 in the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's system.  This time, officials are examining the effectiveness of some of the proposed strategies crafted after scientists analyzed the initial tests.

Save the Date

October is not just a time of falling leaves and scary costumes. It's also a time of rising expectations and budgets that keep getting scarier. That's why the 2010 APTA Annual Meeting in San Antonio is a must-attend event for public transportation and business professionals. With great technical tours, informative sessions, and exciting speakers in store, it promises to be a treat for all involved.

Telling Our Story: Your Name Here

You care about public transportation. So please help our industry by simply signing your name to APTA's petition asking Congress to not delay in passing surface transportation authorization.

Signing is as easy as going to the online petition and typing your name, location, and e-mail address. The signed petition will be presented to members of Congress on September 22, as part of APTA's Telling Our Story to Congress event on Capitol Hill.

We need your help! And with enough voices demanding authorization, our leaders will have to listen and take action.

In the Media

As part of its "Building Up America" series, CNN featured a story on the benefits of and plans for high-speed and intercity passenger rail in the United States.

Boston's Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is planning to expand its use of social media to fight crime on the system after a rider photograph submitted via Twitter was used to nab a man suspected of indecent exposure on the subway, the Boston Herald reported. Another man suspected of the same crime was also photographed by a rider and arrested.

What's louder than a moving subway train? If you guessed "a bag of chips," you're right! At least, that's what the Today Show said.

The New York Post released a survey of behaviors New Yorkers find most frustrating on the subway and on the road.

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