February 23, 2018
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Fare Collection Systems Committee

Fare Collection Systems Committee
Chair: J. James Capozzi, president, CAPtech Inc., chair since 2014
APTA Staff Advisor: Beverly Hill
190 Members   |   Find details here

What is your committee’s role for APTA and the industry as a whole?

The APTA Fare Collection Systems Committee promotes public transit use, keeps transit agencies informed of trends in the industry and provides outreach to public transit organizations and businesses of any size to offer information and advice if requested.

What are the committee’s top priorities for the year?
The committee defines its objectives through an annual Action Plan that guides its activities for the year. Items included in the current Action Plan are:

* Provide the public transit community with information and expertise in all aspects of the revenue generation process, including but not limited to fare media sales and distribution, fare revenue control and security, fare ­revenue collection, fare collection technology and fare collection management techniques, processes and best practices;
* Provide a forum for all APTA members interested in any area related to the purpose and scope of the committee;
* Sponsor revenue management conferences and other related workshops;
* Establish task forces to focus on issues, problems and new developments in fare revenue management as needed; and
* Engage in any other activities that will serve the members and promote public transit.

How does the committee engage members in these priorities?
The committee focuses on disseminating information to its members and promoting the annual APTA Fare Collection Systems Committee and Revenue Management Conference, usually held in the spring.

The conference brings together APTA members representing public transit agencies, vendors and consultants to discuss industry trends, hear from experts in all fields related to fare collection, exchange information and examine issues common to both domestic and international transit agencies.

The committee’s leadership is always seeking new members, both new and young members starting in the role of public transit professional and seasoned professionals who can share their experiences.

APTA’s committees play an important role in fulfilling the association’s ­commitment to developing industry leaders, especially young ­professionals. Please share how your committee encourages young professionals to ­participate in its work.
The employee preparation process can begin while young people interested in fare collection technology are still in college; they can apply for American Public Transportation Foundation scholarships. Once they’re out of school and working in the field, participating in the committee gives them access to a huge resource. No matter what job they’re doing, they will find someone on our committee who has already done the job, is currently doing the job or is also new to the job.

Please share how an individual’s service on this committee can add value to his or her career.

Many new fare collection professionals have entered the field in the past few years. Joining our committee will expose them to a large array of information and an opportunity to work with both longtime employees and other new members.

Committee members—both old and new—can gain even more value by observing how we plan our annual conference. This process provides networking opportunities with veterans of all types: vendors, consultants, agency personnel, anyone from field technicians to CEOs.

What is the committee doing to advance the goals in APTA’s strategic plan?

Fare collection has a role in all five of APTA’s strategic goals. We’re involved in every topic a public transit agency can possibly deal with. For example, everyone who works in public transit is in the security business now, and for us that means the need to secure fare collection equipment and fare media.

We’re a very active committee in APTA, with members who work in all relevant fields—safety and security, accounting, revenue management, programming—while representing a broad variety of companies and agencies.
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