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July 6, 2009

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Deadline Nears for 2009 APTA Officer and Board Nominations

The Nominating Committee that will recommend individuals to fill APTA leadership positions to the membership for approval has been appointed by APTA Chair Dr. Beverly A. Scott and is now accepting nominations for office.

The committee, chaired by John M. Inglish, general manager/chief executive officer of the Utah Transit Authority, has set a July 27 deadline for accepting nominations at the APTA office. The committee will meet Aug. 10 to select the slate of nominees for election at the APTA Annual Business Meeting, Sunday, Oct. 4, in Orlando, FL, during the 2009 APTA Annual Meeting.

A nominations packet mailed to all APTA members on June 22 includes the nominating committee roster, the list of officer and director positions to be filled, and the 2009 nomination and authorization form.

APTA members wishing to make a nomination or who have a personal desire to serve are invited to complete the nomination and authorization form and return it to Jim LaRusch electronically or via fax at (202) 496-4324. This form must be completed in full and returned to APTA no later than 5 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on July 27.

The nomination and authorization form, as well as the nominating committee roster and the list of officer and director positions to be filled, are available online.

The information requested on the form is very important, as it will assist the nominating committee in selecting the people who will do the best job for APTA and the industry. The nomination and authorization form must be used when submitting a nomination, and it must be completed in full.

As reported in the last issue of Passenger Transport, prospective candidates should be aware that in 2002, the APTA Executive Committee adopted the following campaign guidelines to provide guidance to candidates seeking election to the APTA Board of Directors and Executive Committee:

* Personal letters, e-mails, personal conversations, and phone calls are acceptable campaign strategies.
* Campaign events and distribution of campaign materials are not permitted during or in conflict with any APTA meeting or conference event. Campaigning may occur before or after an APTA meeting or conference event.
* APTA staff members or other APTA resources are not to play any role in campaign activities. 

Questions regarding the election process, the election guidelines, and eligibility requirements should be directed to Jim LaRusch.

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