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March 30, 2009

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FTA Updates ARRA Application Process

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) continues to update its web site, providing information and guidance related to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) as it becomes available.  In addition to the full text of the notice on ARRA that appeared March 5 in the Federal Register, there is now a list of major milestones and deadlines for ARRA formula grants and a Power Point presentation on the new legislation.

Among the deadlines are July 1, 2009 for grant applicants to obtain their Transportation Electronic Award Management (TEAM) grant number—and thus ensure obligation within 180 days of the March 5, 2009 apportionment; and Dec. 30, 2009 to obtain the TEAM grant number for reallocated funds, and thus ensure obligation within 365 days of the March 5 apportionment.  Milestones include the Sept. 16 Federal Register apportionment notice of reallocation of formula funds.  Unobligated funds will revert to the U.S. Treasury on Sept. 30, 2010, and will be redistributed.

The Power Point presentation covers more details of ARRA, including the Transit and Recovery Act overview; purposes of the legislation; transit funding in ARRA; the grant eligibility process; how to be ready for a grant; and the ARRA obligation timetable.  The presentation also lays out the following key provisions of the legislation:
* No waiver of FTA program requirements (planning/NEPA/Buy America/Labor Protections);
* Providing a 100 percent federal share, except New Starts;
* Only capital expenses are eligible;
* Cannot mix Recovery Funds in the same grant with any other funds;
* ARRA STP Funds can be flexed to transit; and
* Grant obligation deadlines apply.

For this information and more, click here.

TIGGER: Interim Funding, Evaluation Guidance
An interim notice of funding availability and evaluation guidance for the Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction (TIGGER) program included in ARRA appeared in the March 24 Federal Register. The legislation appropriates $100 million for TIGGER, a new discretionary grant program for public transportation projects that reduce a transit system’s greenhouse gas emissions or result in a decrease in a transit system’s energy use.

FTA is asking for complete proposals to be submitted by May 22. Because TIGGER is a new grant program, FTA is accepting comments on the program’s provisions through April 7 and may alter some of the requirements in response to those comments.

The ARRA authorizes two purposes for the new grants: capital investments that will assist in reducing the energy consumption of a transit system, or capital investments that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions of a public transportation system. Proposals for projects may be
submitted under either or both categories. Submitted proposals must request at least $2 million and no more than $25 million.

FTA will post answers to common questions about the program, as well as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for assistance in calculations, here. Technical assistance regarding these requirements is available from each FTA regional office.

Persons submitting comments must include the agency name, FTA, and the docket number, FTA–2009–0013. Comments may be sent electronically or faxed to (202) 493-2251.

Proposals must be submitted electronically via e-mail. FTA will announce grant selections in the Federal Register when the selection process is complete.

For further information, contact Walter Kulyk, FTA Office of Mobility Innovation, at (202) 366–4995.

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