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October 20, 2008

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The 2008 APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO in San Diego was a huge success!


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Boxer Ties Public Transit to ‘Reinvigorated Economy’
By ROBERT BRADFORD, for Passenger Transport

Public transportation has an integral connection to the transformation of the American economy, U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said during her Oct. 7 keynote address at the APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO in San Diego. [More]

Perspectives Shared on Authorization
By SUSAN BERLIN, Senior Editor

Staff members from the federal Congressional committees overseeing surface transportation authorization spoke about the future of this legislation at an Oct. 6 session during the APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO in San Diego. [More]

APTA Board of Directors Approves Authorization Recommendations

The APTA Board of Directors approved the Legislative Committee’s recommendations for the next federal public transportation authorizing law at its Oct. 5 meeting in San Diego. The new law will take effect after SAFETEA-LU expires on Sept. 30, 2009. [More]

Opening General Session for Annual and EXPO 2008 Convenes in San Diego
By SUSAN BERLIN, Senior Editor

More than 2,000 attendees from across the country and around the world converged at the San Diego Convention Center Oct. 6 for the Opening General Session of the 2008 APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO. [More]

APTA Elects Scott, Carter, Scanlon at Annual Business Meeting

Beverly A. Scott, Ph.D., general manager of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, was elected APTA chair for 2008-2009 during the Oct. 5 Annual Business Meeting in San Diego, held during the 2008 APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO. [More]

Public Transit Faces a ‘Perfect Storm’ of Challenges
By ROBERT BRADFORD, for Passenger Transport

Participants in “The Perfect Storm: Impacts of Fuel, Ridership and a Turbulent Economy,” a two-part session at the 2008 APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO in San Diego, heard from transit system leaders sharing the implications and challenges of surging ridership and strained budgets. [More]

Transit Is Part of T4’s Five-Point Rebuilding Plan

The Transportation for America Campaign (T4) announced “Build for America: A Five Point Plan to Get Our Economy Moving” on Oct. 15. This proposal calls for a new 21st-century national transportation system that creates jobs, saves Americans money, reduces the nation’s dependence on oil, and revitalizes communities—and essentially does what America has always done in time of trouble: build confidently for the future. [More]

‘Green Guy’ Begley Shares Insights: Transit and Beyond

When Ed Begley Jr. talks about environmental awareness, people listen—and they did when the actor and green activist shared his decades of experience at the Oct. 5 General Session.

Success at the Ballot Box? Experts Explain How
By SUSAN R. PAISNER, Senior Managing Editor

Voters in municipalities across the United States continued their support for public transportation-related ballot measures in 2007, with approximately 67 percent of the measures succeeding during the year. [More]

Partnerships Keep Transit Moving Ahead in San Diego

Representatives of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System and its public- and private-sector partners described their efforts to keep the San Diego region moving at the Host Forum on Oct. 5. [More]

Transit Helps Communities Commit to Sustainability
By ROBERT BRADFORD, for Passenger Transport

Visitors to a college campus in southern California may see traditional lawns replaced by “smart landscapes” that require smaller amounts of precious water to maintain. 

Participants in a town hall meeting in Des Moines, IA, talk about how the city must reduce its carbon footprint. Legislators in Richmond, VA, insist that the commonwealth must be a national leader in reducing greenhouse gases. [More]

PPPs: Funding Approaches in Difficult Fiscal Times

With a national fiscal crisis ongoing, the public transportation industry is examining how to advance new financing, project delivery, and contracting models. One such effort was discussed at an Oct. 7 workshop titled “Public-Private Partnerships: Three Steps Forward.” [More]

Donald: Helping Public Transit Create a ‘Tsunami of Good Will’

At the Oct. 8 Closing General Session of the 2008 APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO in San Diego, Jim Donald, a former chief executive officer of Starbucks and Albertsons, emphasized the necessity of public transit entities reaching out to the community. [More]

General Forum Covers International Developments in Public Transit

International developments in public transportation were the focus of an Oct. 7 General Forum at the APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO, ranging from policy developments, financing, and expansion to innovative projects. [More]

Former Nike Exec Shares Lessons Learned

“Take everything that you are passionate about seriously…except yourself.” This was just one of the lessons longtime Nike executive Darcy Stallings Winslow shared with the audience at the APTA/ Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) breakfast Oct. 8 in San Diego. [More]

APTA Recognizes ‘Best of the Best’ at 2008 Awards Breakfast

The public transportation industry honored its own Oct. 7 at the APTA Awards Breakfast during the 2008 APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO in San Diego. [More]

APTA Honors AdWheel Grand Award Winners

After a dynamic band put everyone in the San Diego Convention Center ballroom in a rollicking mood, APTA announced the grand award winners in the 29th Annual AdWheel Awards competition Oct. 6 at the APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO in San Diego. [More]

Even more photos from the 2008 APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO!

Scenes from the EXPO

Here are more highlights of the 2008 APTA Annual Meeting and EXPO in San Diego. [More]

Teaser here [More]

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