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October 20, 2008

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Transit Is Part of T4ís Five-Point Rebuilding Plan

The Transportation for America Campaign (T4) announced “Build for America: A Five Point Plan to Get Our Economy Moving” on Oct. 15. This proposal calls for a new 21st-century national transportation system that creates jobs, saves Americans money, reduces the nation’s dependence on oil, and revitalizes communities—and essentially does what America has always done in time of trouble: build confidently for the future.

“Americans are running on empty, with falling home values, rising gas prices, and a lagging economy,” said Shelley Poticha, co-chair of T4 and president and chief executive officer of Reconnecting America. Joined by Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and former Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening on the eve of the plan’s release, Poticha added: “We’re here to say that we can start building a way out of this mess with a wise investment strategy.”

The five point plan asks the next President and Congress to work with the T4 non-profit coalition of housing, environmental, public health, and urban planning transportation officials to:

* Build to compete: meet and surpass competitors in China and Europe.

* Invest for a clean, green recovery: provide for cleaner vehicles, new fuels, modern public transit, walking, and biking.

* Fix what’s broken: restore crumbling highways, bridges, and transit systems before building new roads.

* Stop wasteful spending: re-evaluate current projects to eliminate those with little economic return that could deepen oil dependence.

* Save Americans money: provide more affordable and efficient travel and housing to help people avoid high gas prices and traffic congestion.

“We can’t just reauthorize SAFETEA-LU, we’ve got to spend time with the [next] President and with Congress to increase funding,” urged Rendell. “We can’t wait for this to be discussed next summer. Congress and the President-elect must undertake major investments in our infrastructure.”

Glendening, who currently heads the Smart Growth Leadership Institute, added: “Make sure that infrastructure really builds for the future. That’s about transit, that’s about walkability, that’s about ‘fix it first.’”

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, another key supporter of the T4 plan, told the Associated Press that vehicle miles traveled are declining and demand for transit is going up. “The key is to provide choices, so you invest in everything,” he said. “At the same time, good transportation infrastructure is key to emerging from the economic crisis.”


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